Speak Like Locals

It’s time for you to speak Indonesian like locals in no time with our wide selection of realistic everyday life and business-related topics that specially designed to satisfy your language needs. Either you are a newbie or an avid language learner, we always have some interesting language courses for you to level up your language game.

50 minutes, ONCE a week*

*Recommended minimal study plan.


Tired of learning unnecessary vocabularies that you will not use in your daily or business life? It’s time to start learning vocabularies and phrases based on context that you will definitely encounter in your real life, either for business settings or casual conversation.

Our thematic approach and unique learning method combined with your personal language specialist guidance, we will guide you step by step to master a new language and speak it like a local in no time.

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We truly understand your tight schedules and tons of to-do-list while at the same time, you have the urgency to speak a new language in no time.

Our various type of classes and language courses will offer you flexibility and efficiency that you seek for. Either you option for our digital class, combo class, VIP class, or regular class, we are always here for you.

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community (3Cs)

Once you are able to speak like a local, you will be able to start a deep conversation with others. Through our regular and yearly events, we will invite you to meet and connect with our global learners network that might lead you to a new business opportunity or ideas for collaboration.

This has remain as our core value in Worldnesia, to create a strong and sustainable community which starts from having a better two-way communication.