Meet the Team

Worldnesia team members consist of second language enthusiasts, practitioners, and language specialists. Our passion in helping language learners to be able to Speak Like Locals have encourage us to strive for the best when it comes to creating practical and relevant learning materials. We want to make sure that our learner get the best of the best from our educator teams when acquiring new language with us.

Worldnesia Founder - Monica Xie


Founder & Managing Director

Second Language Acquisition Enthusiast who graduated from Japanese Studies Program, University of Indonesia. Her student exchange experience to Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan has inspired her to develop practical and relevant learning materials to help language learner able to Speak Like Locals.


Senior Language Educator

Accomplishing Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, he has been working as a language teacher for six years. His previous job as cabin crew for the national flag carrier that allowed him to visit countries in Asia-Pacific region and travelling around Indonesia has widen his perspective about culture and the people that will benefit him on teaching Indonesian to various people from all around to world. 


Language Educator

A language educator who graduated from English Letters Department of Sanata Dharma University. Through years of teaching experiences from children to adults in both profit and non-profit sectors, she is enthusiastic for helping language learners, especially adult learner, to be able to communicate and engaged with locals through Bahasa Indonesia.  


Language Educator

A language geek who possesses a degree in Chinese Literature has brought her into the world of educationHer experiences on teaching Chinese to Indonesians and joined NPO orchestra from Japan as Indonesia’s local representative staff for three years has broadened her perspective and inspired her to help foreigners, especially Japanese, to deepen their understanding about Indonesian culture and Bahasa Indonesia.  


Curriculum Designer

Passionate about learning language and accomplished her Master’s Degree in New Zealand has widen her view that every student has their own unique learning style. To be able to provide various learning style for learners, she helps all learners to achieve their goals on learning Indonesian by providing the best learning materials and method. 


Research & Development Supervisor

Being an R&D Supervisor is a challenge for him who does not have a relevant background but currently thrives in this position due to his ability to analyse and to think creatively. He is responsible on researching and developing any new and useful method to assist Worldnesia’s teams (especially educators and learners), and to support them in the search of comfortable and efficient way to work and learn in Worldnesia.


Learner Representative Internship

Being a Language Representative as a Japanese Literature graduate, she uses her Japanese and English communication skill to be a bridge between learners and educators, to support educators needs and to assist all learner’s inquiries  by providing an excellent service.


Marketing Internship

As a social media enthusiast who loves to post an appealing content on his platform, his creativity and up-to-date personality has been a good support for him as a Marketing internship in Worldnesia, who is responsible on creating and managing creative content for marketing and learning purposes through all of our social platform.