Worldnesia DNA

Purpose Statement

Bridging the World and Indonesia

Since day one, our sole purpose as a culture and language company has been to bridge the World and Indonesia through cultural understanding programs. We exist to help foreigners understand everything about Indonesia and start #SpeakLikeLocals through our culture-infused and practical language program.

We are proud to be able to promote the joy of living in Indonesia and its diversity to the World through our various programs.

Our Core Values

#1: We always put our learners at the top of our mind

All programs and activities in Worldnesia are designed with our learners in mind. We visualize their day-to-day routine, the people with whom they interact, the challenges and obstacles they might encounter while living as expats in Indonesia, and, of course, their desires, goals, and interests. We take everything into account so we can always stay relevant and practical to enhance their life experiences in Indonesia.

#2: Credible as the Local Expert

As someone who was born and raised in the nation, we are resourceful about our own nation’s cultures and traditions. We always strive to give trustworthy and transparent information about Indonesia to expats living in the country, so they can get a holistic understanding of Indonesia.

#3: We do what we do with all of our heart

All of our team members are pouring their resources (time, energy, focus, and skills) 100% into every single thing that we do in Worldnesia to produce high-quality learning materials and programs. We believe doing things out of love is the magic spell that keeps us ALIVE and growing.

#4: Everyone’s uniqueness helps build a capable and impactful team

We come from different family and educational backgrounds. We have different interests, skill sets, and goals, and that’s how we complement each other as a team. At Worldnesia, we are open-minded and open-hearted to learn from anyone, anywhere, and anytime. We encourage ourselves to always update our knowledge, well-being, and, of course, our skills so we can keep growing as a capable team and make a bigger impact in bridging the World and Indonesia.